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With summer officially here, we could all use a little extra time to relax outside with a refreshing drink, basking in the sun. Locals know and love the cocktails served at Brook Indian Pub since they are among the best in town. The majority of our neighbourhood regulars frequent the bar for our handcrafted cocktails. Stop by the Brook Indian Gastro Pub this summer for the most authentic Indian cuisine and a wide selection of intriguing cocktails, ales, beers, gins, and spirits. 

Best Cocktails in Cambridge

Blue Hawaiian Mai Thai:

Blue Hawaiian:

Traditional ingredients for the Blue Hawaiian include pineapple juice, coconut cream, white rum, and blue curaçao liqueur. Its most distinctive features are its bright blue hue and sweet, fruity flavour. Tropical or warm-weather events, including beach parties, poolside get-togethers, or vacation resorts, are ideal for sipping this cocktail. Many people use it for summer parties or to feel like they're in a tropical paradise because it is colourful and refreshing.

Mai Tai:

The Mai Tai has a long and storied history; it was popularised at tiki bars after having its roots in Polynesian culture. Rum (often a blend of light and dark varieties), lime juice, orange liqueur (like curaçao or triple sec), and orgeat syrup are the customary ingredients. The intricate combination of citrus, almond, and rum flavours in a Mai Tai makes it a signature drink. You should have one of these cocktails as a relaxing evening cappuccino or after supper. The exoticism and tranquillity that a Mai Tai brings to any occasion make it perfect for cocktail parties, informal get-togethers, or anytime you're in the mood for a tropical treat.

Tropical flavours abound in both drinks, but their cultural connotations and actual tastes couldn't be more different. When craving a tropical getaway, nothing beats a Blue Hawaiian or a Mai Tai—two of the world's most popular tropical cocktails. Whether entertaining guests at a summer party, relaxing by the pool, or wanting a little island flavour, these cocktails will satisfy your thirst.

Bombay Spiced Mary:

The original Bloody Mary recipe calls for vodka, tomato juice, and various seasonings and spices; this "Bombay Spiced Mary" takes a somewhat different approach. The name "Bombay" alludes to substituting Bombay Sapphire gin for vodka, which gives the classic recipe a botanical and aromatic touch.

Like the classic Bloody Mary, the Bombay Spiced Mary is an adaptable drink that works well for various events. Here are a few examples of when it could be helpful:


A Bombay Spiced Mary or any Bloody Mary will surely be a brunch crowd-pleaser. The savoury and spicy flavours enhance breakfast foods like eggs benedict, omelettes, and delicious crepes.

Daytime Events-

Bombay Spiced Marys' rich and refreshing profile makes them perfect for daytime occasions like garden parties, picnics, or weddings.

Social Gatherings-

When you want to wow your guests with a savoury and refined cocktail, serve them Bombay Spiced Marys.

Watermelon Martini-

When you're craving something light and summery, or when the weather is warm, whip up a Watermelon Martini. It's a delicious and delightful beverage. In these circumstances, in particular, a Watermelon Martini is delightful:

Summer parties-

Summer barbecues, pool parties, and beach picnics are perfect for watermelon martinis. Watermelon's mild flavour is great for hot weather.

Outdoor Events-

Serve watermelon martinis at concerts, festivals, and rooftop parties. The delicious, bright cocktail brings summer enjoyment to outdoor events.

Girls' Night In-

Enjoy Watermelon Martinis while watching films, playing games or hanging out with pals on a girls' night in. Its sweet, refreshing taste makes watermelon popular among friends.

Palm Beach:

The term "Palm Beach" does not refer to a particular kind of cocktail but rather to a generic term that, depending on the mixologist or barman, can describe several different beverages. The word "Palm Beach" may conjure images of the posh Florida vacation town, but in a cocktail context, it could mean tranquilly, opulence, and the tropics.

Keeping that in mind, I've come up with a few ideas for when a "Palm Beach" cocktail would be appropriate:

At the Pool or on the Beach-

Imagine yourself soaking up some rays and feeling the salt air on your skin in a plush cabana by the pool or beach. Enjoying your downtime in such an environment would be much more enjoyable with a Palm Beach cocktail.

Summer Break-

Drinking a Palm Beach drink can take you to a place of peace and luxury, whether on a tropical vacation to a faraway island or just relaxing in your backyard.

Luxurious Hotel or Ski Resort-

An elegant Palm Beach cocktail perfectly matches your opulent setting at a five-star resort or hotel with its verdant palm trees, powdery white sand beaches, and discreet butler service.

Formal Occasions or Festivities-

Palm Beach might conjure images of fancy parties, lavish soirées, or high-class gatherings. Try serving a classic Palm Beach cocktail at these events for an air of refined elegance.

Evening Cocktails-

Picture this: as the sun sets over the horizon, a beautiful display of sunset colours—pink, orange, and gold—reflects off the ocean. One way to enhance this once-in-a-lifetime event and make memories that will last a lifetime is to sip on a Palm Beach drink.

Slow Comfortable Screw:

A drink called the "Slow Comfortable Screw" is made with sloe gin, Southern Comfort, vodka, and orange juice; its name is a little oblique. Because of the powerful blend of components, it is usually regarded as a strong drink, which could affect the timing and manner of consumption.

In the following cases, a Slow, Comfortable Screw could be a good choice:

Relaxed Get-togethers:

Relaxed social events like outdoor BBQs, game evenings, or casual parties could call for this cocktail. Perfect for laid-back get-togethers, thanks to its high alcohol level and fruity taste.

Cocktail Parties:

One possible speciality cocktail to serve at a cocktail party or event themed on mixed beverages is the Slow Comfortable Screw. Because of this, the menu is more exciting and gives customers more options to sample.

Late-Night Drinks:

The name and strength of the Slow Comfortable Screw suggest it could be a good choice for a nightcap at a club or bar. You might ask for this cocktail if you are craving something robust and savoury.


For some, brunch calls for a fruitier, sweeter cocktail, and the Slow Comfortable Screw might be just the thing. Its orange juice base is traditional for brunch drinks, but the sloe gin, Southern Comfort, and vodka kick it.

After-Dinner Drink: 

It is possible to have a Slow Comfortable Screw as a digestif following a meal, as is the case with many cocktails that contain fruit juice. Its lemony sweetness can provide a nice balance to heartier fare.

Matcha Pisco Sour:

The Matcha Pisco Sour adds a novel spin to the traditional Pisco Sour beverage by incorporating matcha powder for a vivid green hue and earthy taste. Consider sipping on a Matcha Pisco Sour on the following occasions:

Cocktail Parties:

The Matcha Pisco Sour is a show-stopping choice when entertaining friends or hosting a cocktail party. Its unusual appearance and interesting taste are sure to turn heads.


As matcha is often used in breakfast and brunch dishes, the Matcha Pisco Sour can be an energising and refreshing option for brunch parties. Its one-of-a-kind taste complements many brunch options.

Japanese or Peruvian Nights:

One possible cocktail option for a dinner party with Japanese or Peruvian food is the Matcha Pisco Sour. An intriguing touch that enhances the flavours of both cuisines is the blending of matcha with the typical Pisco Sour ingredients.

Summer or spring afternoons:

Enjoy a Matcha Pisco Sour at a picnic, outdoor party, or just a lazy afternoon on the patio because of how refreshing it is. Its verdant hue also makes any gathering in the spring or summer more lively.

Mixology Sessions:

Making the Matcha Pisco Sour at home or in a mixology class would be interesting if you're into trying out different cocktail recipes or are interested in mixology in general. Its unusual components and preparation method provide a chance for experimentation and inventiveness.

It all comes down to personal preference and the setting when it comes to when you can enjoy a Matcha Pisco Sour. Whether you're hosting a themed dinner party, want to cool down on a hot day, or want to wow your guests with a creative cocktail, the Matcha Pisco Sour is a great choice.

To enjoy some of the best drinks and food in Cambridge The Brook Indian Gastro Pub is the place to visit. Along with food and drinks we also entertain our customers with live music events, karaoke nights, open mic events and quiz nights. If you love to try some unique and traditional Indian Gastro Pub food then The Brook near Mill road, Cambridge is the place to visit.


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